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Free School Meals

Due to the current crisis, we appreciate that family circumstances may have changed. Some families may now be eligible to claim for Free School Meals. 

This is the link to the Middlesbrough Council website detailing how to claim for FSM

If you think you may be eligible you can email the email address below with the information listed. You do not need to complete the form.

1.   Parent’s name

2.   Parent’s date of birth

3.   Parent’s National Insurance number

4.   Name of child

5.   School child attends

Parents can also ring and speak to the service directly on 01642 726541.

You may get a response quickly, but if the change has been recent the result may come back as pending. This does not mean it is a no, it just might take a bit more time to process. 

If you have any problems please contact school via the school email address.